The Origin of The Time Manipulator’s Son

The Origin of The Time Manipulator’s Son


Gaby reading a gallery version of the book.

I began writing The Time Manipulator’s Son about nine years ago. My sister Ramona is a high school teacher, and at that time I attended and assisted her with events at her school. I enjoyed watching how the children interacted with each other, especially the younger ones. This was when the idea struck to write a story about children engaging in activities like these in an alternate reality.

Looking at children whose ancestors came from Europe, the United States, Latin America, Asia, India and Africa, I thought that different alien species could create a similarly rich multicultural society as that of Trinidad and Tobago. The diverse nationalities could be expressed through different alien species.

I was really excited about writing this story. I kept an “idea book” with me all the time and wrote down anything useful that came to mind. Creating names was not a big deal because I come from a family that can give a name or adjective to anything and anyone. I had my main plot, and all the subplots were mostly formulated while writing.

My imagination was in overdrive, and I wrote six chapters. Soon after, my niece Gaby was born, and my interest in the book began diminishing as my love for and attention to Gaby grew. I continued adding thoughts to my idea book, but the writing ceased. Then I changed jobs and got into a very hectic work schedule, and eventually writing the book went into hibernation. My sister constantly reminded me to finish the book because she felt it had potential.

Some years later, I was on extended sick leave, and returning to work on a computer felt like a task I could not perform again. To assist with getting in the habit once again, I decided to read what I had written so far with story. Gaby was six at the time; she saw me reading the manuscript and asked me what I was doing. My sister said that I was reading a book I started writing and did not complete. Then Gaby said, “You wrote a book? Can we go to the bookstore and get one?” That melted my heart, and I knew I had to finish it for her.

Next week, I’ll discuss the challenges of finding a publisher.

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About The Time Manipulator’s Son, now available for pre-order from Something or Other Publishing: Powerful aliens hide on an asteroid floating above the planet Chyspah. Fearing for her child’s life, a widow breaks the laws of her people and makes contact with the leader of the planet. Her actions kick off a long series of strange occurrences and unexpected discoveries that lead three boys to solve their parents’ mysteries as they’re caught in the midst of the royal family’s fall from power. Daniel experiences bizarre episodes of time travel, while Anomar learns he was adopted—and that his real parents belong to a species of aliens with supernatural powers. With the reluctant help of their timid friend Benardo, the boys dig deeper to find the truths hidden in their own lives. What they learn will change everything they thought they knew about themselves—and each other.

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About Rohini Singh: Rohini is an author of young adult science fiction from the small Caribbean island of Trinidad. Her debut book, The Time Manipulator’s Son, is available for pre-order from Something or Other Publishing now!