Xelrod Spiral Constellation

Xelrod Spiral Constellation

Spiral Galaxy

Spiral Galaxy, photo by NASA.

Deep in the Zaphor galaxy is a beautiful spiral constellation that is heavily speckled with celestial bodies: the Xelrod spiral. Ancient scientists classified them all as stars, since the distance and technology at that time prevented indication to their true nature. As time and technology advanced, an explorer called Dambel discovered that there were ten small planets within this constellation, inhabited by primitive yet intelligent life forms that were unaware of each other’s existence. These planets had been ejected by a supernova and later found orbits within the constellation. They were classified as third-class planets.

In Dambel’s continuing quest for fame and fortune, he convinced the Intergalactic Support Group (ISG) to render assistance to these planets with communication, technology, space travel, and economic viability. Chyspah was ranked the least developed because there was no provision for nighttime lighting, which the native biclopses never had the need for since their genetic composition enabled them to see in the dark. Their economic status changed drastically with the discovery of chrylirium, however, and Chyspah quickly became the crown jewel of the constellation.

Exposure to this new lifestyle opened the doors to superiority and competition amongst the planets, resulting in long standing feuds and hostility. The ISG organized an assembly to draft an agreement for these planets to coexist. While all ten planets spoke strongly about bringing peace, they did not agree to the ISG’s recommendation of appointing a head to lead the constellation members. Intense discussions and debates that followed produced a truce in the warfare, but no sustainable resolution was agreed upon.

Many decades later, the first-class planets imposed trade restrictions to third-class planets in the galaxy, resulting in increased prices to acquire goods and services. During this time Elomar Effilldar, Flondumar’s forefather and a candidate for Supreme Leader of Chyspah, presented the idea at an inter-constellation conference to form a single market where the ten planets could trade collectively as one body and each planet would appoint a representative to a committee.

After much deliberation a treaty was signed enabling the ten planets to trade as one body. The treaty also improved interplanetary trade and enabled easier access to travel within the constellation. Elomar was the first Effilldar to become Supreme Leader.

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The Time Manipulator's Son

The Time Manipulator’s Son

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Rohini Singh

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